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Feeling a lil Despondent today, not sure what to do with myself...*bites finger nails*

I'm supposed to be finding out this week whether I have a 2nd Interview for a job as a Web Designer/Developer (With some Graphic design Work involved too), this job is also in Bradford.

Amusing story really, I went into Bradford (was already late and had forgotten about going *oops*), and tried to find where my interview was, so I walked out of the Train Station(I was told it’d be just round the corner), I couldn’t find it anywhere, I searched all over and asked some strange business man person if he knew...he didn’t...*yay* (now 40 mins late). He then asked one of his colleagues and he said.."arv been livin in bradford all mee liiife, this map is crap it should be over there somewhere", so I goes off to look, and low and behold...it was there, right in front of me (I must’ve walked past it 10 times..*sighs*)

so that was fun...the interview went well though (I was there for 3.5 hours).

I NEED A REAL JOB!! *sighs*
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