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Finished my set :) went very well...except i didnt record :(

ces't la vie :P

just done another logo for myself...
(if you wanna see the others you'll have to ask nicely...:P hehe)

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oooh, pretty picture....

[asking nicely] - puleeeeaaase.... =D

[flutters eyelashes] =P
Just changed the logo effects...:)

I just stumbled across your journal randomly..
That is amazing art!
hehe...ty :)

how did you stumble across me? (just curious)
uhmm i think in a weed community? lol
aye probably...lol cant remember left never mind right...

hmmm...well im stoned how about you?

*stoned as a ferret in the sun chair swaying to coldplay* hehe *grins*

haha Sounds amusing.. I actually don't get high, and even if I did, I doubt I could at 9:29am! :)
Where are you? I'm in the UK...i don't get stoned at that time in the morning...maybe 10am...lol *winks*